Charls | How it all started

Charl’s Bistro is since 17 years a landmark in Tirana’ s night life. With a capacity of 500 seats, located in the center of the former Bllok, we are the first and most famous LIVE music club in Albania.

Some of the world music`s stars and the most famous Albanian bands play every weekend in our pub, making our club a place where everyone feels good.

From 2003 to 2007 we have organized the “Tirana biennial holidays” in our place, in corporation with some big international and Albanian companies.

We mentioned great bands and artists?

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Yes, here are the Albanians: Eugen Bushpepa, Keli Band, Gent Rushi & Band, Kujtim Prodani, Vikena Kamenica, Elhaida Dani, Mariza Ikonomi, Juliana Pasha, Altin Goci, Renis Gjoka, Rubin Kaso & Band, Gledis , Grands Burn, Lynx, Vesa Smolica & Band, Vedat Ademi, Aleksandar Gjoka, Redon Makashi, Mateos Frroku & Band, Zanzi Bar, NRG Band, Dren Abazi, Mentor Haziri, Xuxi, Kthjellu, UNIT BAND, Nita Latifi & Band, Flaka Krelani, Valon Shehu, Orges Toce & The Octus Rockus Band, Florent Abrashi, Humus, Shpat Deda.

And the internationals: The Curlies, Haliband, All In Band, Janex Trio, Gypsy Grove, Offshore, Petter Pan Quartet, Latino Band, Nothing Like the Sun,  Ivana & Rock Trio, Hard Band, Harri Mata Harri, Loco Band, Maria Jaz Quartet, Funky Punks, Son Cuba Son (Famous KUBAN Group), Dulumba Group from Cekia.

Charl’s has been the organizer of great concerts.
Goran Bregovic at the Conferences Palace. Sean Paul at the National Stadium “Qemal Stafa”.
The Kosovo band “Gjurmet” at the Palace of Congresses.
In 2009 Charl’s invited Ian Paice, the legendary drummer of Deep Purple. Ian electrified the club.


The favorite meeting place for people of all ages.


The ideal place to experience the variety of foreign and local drinks.


500 seats placed in a combined space of classics & modernity.


The perfect place with Live Music and a wide variety of drinks & cooking.

Live Music

The first & most famous LIVE music club in Albania since 17+ years.


The Pub where everyone enjoys the evening hours & feels good.

Unrivalled taste

We celebrate together
with live music

The LIVE music tradition with foreign and local music bands, continues in Charl`s every weekend making your evenings more beautiful.
Book Charl`s and make parties with friends or your company!


Different beverages




Draft beers

live music and draft beers